We have evolved.

After Covid, we transformed from studio classes to Art Kits (single sale and monthly subscriptions).

Depending on the circumstances, we may work with local groups and organizations to create custom art parties and events in the Pittsburgh area.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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Leann Schmidt

Leann Schmidt


Lifelong artist with decades of experience in watercolor, gouache, and more recently with acrylic, and acrylic pouring, water marbling and Ebru. I enjoy the challenge of trying different things, following my curiosities and discovering creative solutions.

A Little About Me

As is the case with many artists, art is in my soul – and on nearly every shirt I own. I am fascinated by art, curious to try different things, and thoroughly invested in sharing my experiences with others.

My current interest is in fluid art, including especially resin art, acrylic paint pouring, water marbling and the ancient Turkish art, Ebru. I have painted a couple of murals, and more recently, on canvas, wood pieces, a guitar, skateboards, hats, shoes and even 2 full length wedding gowns. Most of my classes will focus on variations of fluid art. I hope you will join me!

My Challenge To You

I love collaborating with others. If you have an idea  for a new class that you want to try, let me know. I am happy to collaborate with you to test your theory. If we can turn it into a class, you’ll be given credit and invited to help teach it!

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Online Gallery

Please see my art online at www.LeannSchmidt.com.

Purchasing fine art from me and other art instructors at Chartiers Creek Creative provides you not only with simple pleasure of possessing local art, but (we hope) also a sense of pride in supporting our art center and our art community in general. Your purchase helps reinforce our efforts in offering a diverse class lineup designed specifically to attract a wide variety of interest and participation right here in our community in the South Hills, regardless of skill level.

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Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


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