Because doing art feels good.

We offer an array of creative classes that can be enjoyed regardless of skill level, as well as fun new workshops and community events.


With over 800 square feet, we seat about 50 participants. We rent our space to local artists, art therapists and event planners seeking a creative venue. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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You Can Create Stunning Art

Yes, you can do this too!
Those without art skills will enjoy our creative activities without the pressure of traditional art tools like paint brushes and pencils, while those with art skills will discover new artistic challenges in color theory and various techniques. Those who enjoy math and science may be surprised to learn how these fields contribute to art and how you can apply various principles to your art pieces, even in our most popular art classes!

Creative, Innovative and Fun Instructors!




Artist Assistant

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Tell us about your event, including the type of art you’d like to do, the date and how many are in your party.

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Paint Pouring

Fun, easy techniques to choose from!


This mesmerizing ancient Turkish water art using traditional Ebru Papers

Water Marbling

Scarves, neckties, pillows, hats, shoes, drink coasters, and more!

Mandala Stones

Pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy this most relaxing art together!

How many people are in your group?

How many people are in your group?

We can seat up to 50 people at our studio. However, during Coronvirus, our class sizes will not exceed 20 participants (40-45% capacity). All pariticipants are expected to wear masks and gloves when applicable, and tables will be partitianed with clear plastic to allow for visual interaction with each other while simultaneously minimizing risk.

No worries about skill levels. Whatever you want to do, we have it all figured out so that you can enjoy your time being creative with your group!

For artists of all levels, we have something special for you too! Starting in August, be on the lookout for our Master Class Artist Enrichment Workshops designed to advance your natural artistic abilities.

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